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5 best Retro games for Android

Retro games always remained a certain charm for the game lovers. They bring nostalgia and make reminds of the old days. They are simpler and graphics didn’t matter so much and developers were forced to craft video games around ideas rather than looks. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty with a bit of retro gaming, we have the best retro games currently available on Android.

1. Another World


Another Name is re-release of a classic game from 1991. It is challenging game will test yours strategic thinking and full of fun. In this game as a physicist you have to fight with creature of the other world who want to kill you. Game come with revamped graphic, mastered music and more.

2. 10000000


This game one of the special kind of android game where it has dungeon crawler mechanic player have to make castle and upgrade character while fighting with bad guys. It’s uncommon in evaluation to other retro games, but it’s a nice combo of old and new.


3. Doom and Destiny Advanced


In Doom and Destiny Advanced you run around, explore dungeons, gain levels, and play through a story line. This game is like the older RPG retro games. This is sequel to the original Doom and Destiny game which is also quite good so called Advanced. It comes with about 15 hours of story line, 15 character classes, 150 super powers, 200 monsters, 500 locations.

4. Pac-Man 256


Pac-Man 256 is as retro as retro games can be. You play as the venerable protagonist and you’ll return to the game board to eat white pellets, run from ghosts, and stay alive. There are also 15 power ups to help you defeat ghosts and keep going. It’s a simple, nice, modern spin on one of gaming’s most iconic retro games.

5. Sky Force Reloaded:


Sky Force Reloaded is a shooter and probably the best one now for mobile. The visuals of Sky Force are nice-looking and most of the game play has been extended in contrast to the older one. In this one, player can take on numerous bad guys, elevate fighter plane, experience a variety of levels, covers sub-missions to make it more difficult.

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