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Be Cautious While Playing Pokemon GO game…

Pokemon GO Game Threats:

One of the most popular game of the year or even decade, Pokemon GO! can cause a serious threat to teenagers’ safety. As reports, there are number of the accident happened and players are being attacked and hospitalized such kinds of news are emerging from many countries. 


Pokémon Go is a virtual Reality smart phone game which is created by the creators of Google Maps, which uses location technology to allow players to explore real sites through their smart phone cameras and “catch” the animated creatures around their surrounding. The teenagers are so much submerged in game when playing on streets and road they could met with mishappenings.

Un this game players can send a “beacon” to the users near around the game, suggesting a Pokémon might by nearby. There is a lot of fear that this feature could be hijacked by criminals. Due to which there is high risk of crime too.


The huge attractiveness among youngsters it’s worrying that this game seems vulnerable to being hijacked by those who may wish to harm them. The players have to walk towards the thoroughfares or visit a specific place, all in hopes to catch a certain species. However, such gaming experience can really present new and unpredictable problems in future. So Play with some precautions.

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