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More over hyped game that ended up with not much fame

Well Pre-Release of games sometimes creates a lot of fame for the upcoming game, but sometime times it is not able to deliver by its fame. With some such kind of pre-release buzz game list we are here for you.

Slender: The Arrival


This game moves around a mysterious and scary Slender Man character—Slender: The Arrival seems simply not that good of at playing game. Slender Man is one of the hyped horror game characters on the Internet, which had set up standard for its popularity before release in its genre of game. Well this game created controversy. The gameplay was very repetitive due to which it not liked pretty much.  Slender: The Arrival was way too overhyped to justify its underwhelming premise.

The Order: 1886


A great try by Sony Computer Entertainment with the name of The Order: 1886 also returned fairly negative results. Sadly, in spite of its exceptional look, artistic weapons, and a distinctive story, unexciting game play doesn’t hold a rush to this adventurous game.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


This game was inspired from an animated TV Series this is developed by Sega. it. . For this title, they completely reshaped Sonic, Tails, and the other of the team, giving them linker limbs, with Sonic and Knuckles’ bodies, and random fashion accessories. Though, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric get a dreading end with another horrible 3D sonic game.







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