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Review of the Game Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins Review

The Game of Batman Arkham Origins is prequel to its series and is very good game while playing with XBOX, PCs, Play-station. The games consist of good contents, story and much more for its players.


Gameplay and Story:

The story of the game is the most interesting part of the game which is liked by players. With that added on the visuals haven’t really moved on since the last game. In fact, the open-world sections use an almost identical map to Arkham City. Playing the game on Windows PC, have a top-of-the-line gaming rig, then you’ll be happy to learn that Warner Bros. Montreal have worked very closely with NVidia to give PC games a significant amount of customization options when it comes to how the game looks.

Video and Resolution:

Arkham Origins game supports both 3D gaming and 4K resolutions. On top of that there are DirectX 11 enhanced textures and shadows, as well as some of the more current graphics technologies such as tessellation and more.



Design of the sound of the Arkham games has been good, and Warner Bros. Montreal e the most of the sound keeping in view the love of the game lover of its previous version. The Batarang still sounds the same, as does almost everything in Batman’s arsenal. The sound that has changed though, are the voice actors for both the Joker and Batman. Joker is now voiced by Troy Baker instead of the previous, Mark Hamill, and Batman is now voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

User Interface
Game play
Textures & other Details

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