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Review of the Game Need for Speed™ No Limits

Need for Speed™ No Limits:

Need for Speed: No Limits does manage to create a new breed of mobile racing. One of the first things you’ll notice about the game is that the races are bite-sized. With most of races completed in 50 seconds. You’ll take some time to earn additional cars, since you have to earn a predefined number of blueprints to unlock them. With the availability of 10 fuel cells in the tank, which is auto-refilled with time. The cells in Need of Speed get re-filled every time as level up.

Gameplay and story


In Need for Speed: No Limits, you’ll be contending in numerous underground races running in the street. In your journey you will be coming across the small level of games under 1 minutes. The story in the game is lacking with the total of the 30 cars available with each upgradeable parts and customization.


Need for Speed: Limitations

The game looks nice with play but still carries some limitations. You have a limited amount of gas, and each time you race your gas level goes down.  The game is full of choke points, where you can’t move without one of your cars has a certain performance rating.

So, should you go for download with Need For Speed: No Limits? Well, it’s entertaining, and free, so go for it. Just be prepared to switch to Horizon Chase while your energy refills.

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