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Review of the Pokemon Go Game.

Pokemon Go View and Review:

With the advent the advanced technique the Pokemon Go! game is launched but the People who have played this game are liking it very much. With the Unique feature and advanced interactive platform, it is attracting the eyes of the players. If you are going to play this game you will have to come out of your room and have to move around the places nearby. This game is not similar to other games, but contain some special techniques. While playing  game the player needs to catch the Pokemon on the GO well that mean in specific places around, as this game uses the GPS feature to relate the map to the area around the player.

No Game Without Internet:
This game is all about internet. That means no Internet No Game. But for the game player it is really going to be fantastic experience while playing this game. Through Internet Pokemon Go game access the GPS location of the area around the mobile to catch the Pokemon around.

The most important feature is that player can play can make a team of three players, who can join and play against other team at Gym. The Gym is located at the specific location in cities.

Well, overall the Pokemon Go game seems good and have received good response from the players.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 1 votes)

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