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Reviews of Action Packed Game – Battkefield 4

Reviews of Battlefield 4:-

One of the Good action game and compared to Call of Duty the Game has received good response overall.         The content of the game quite resembles with the Battlefield 4. The response been summarized below.

The sound track of the Battlefield 4 looks quite solid and the voice background as well appreciated by the players.
This game is visually good-looking game. But still there are a few visual glitches in this are reported though, But in multiplayer it looks quite nice overall.

4 battle

Game Play:
It’s your typical shooter but every shooter can be labeled that. Being full of action and excitement full what makes it better is that it is not complicated to handle. It’s just simple and easy to pick up. Even though the Vehicle controls finds some lagging some point.
The story in the campaign is nice but quite lengthy and seems unoriginal even. Multiple bugs and glitches that are still very noticeable even after patching. Multiplayer facility of the game is very exciting. Sadly, A mainstream of the content in the multiplayer is all DLC based so unless you pay, You are not gonna get anything for content. Map feature add help and brings a charm to game and makes game more good to play by tracking own route.

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