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Tips and tricks every Pokémon Go player should know

Tips and Tricks:-

One of the most popular game Pokémon Go gaining popularity day by day, with Millions of Pokémon trainers overall the world. Being a new game and having no tutorial and guidance we had prepared some of the list that you can try for better understanding of the game. 

Pikachu as a starter:


Well when you start to play you can have a list of the Pokémon’s and try to catch the Pikachu as a starter.  It is easy to catch and handle it. You can also catch other Pokémon later even very easily.

Sort your Pokémon catch with Plan:   


Use in-sort option of the game to sort the Pokémon and catch efficiently including name, power and favorite. While that try to capture nearby Pokémon and increase capture effectiveness. Color of the Pokémon defines whether it is easy to catch it or not like Green is easy, yellow is average and orange is difficult to catch.

Fight at the nearby Gym:


After catching Pokémon, battling with them is more complicated than it seems. Your Pokémon have primary and “special” effects. While fighting at gym use Pokémon’s primary move, and use special move bar positioned below your Pokémon’s name. Use special move wisely to unleash best out in fight. You can try to swipe left or right to dodge attacks of rival.

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