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Ranjan Shakti

Shakti Ranjan is an Writer and Analyst who loves to write and learn about new technologies, and business happening around the world. He likes to enjoy and play Video games and read.

4 Best games released in 2016 so Far

Dark Souls III Dark Souls III is about dungeon crowded, fighting tough enemies, and dying lots of times. Even when you think you’ve mastered your character’s actions and controls, all it takes is one botched dodge to totally wreck your health bar. This persistent style of game is obviously for …

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5 best Retro games for Android

Retro games always remained a certain charm for the game lovers. They bring nostalgia and make reminds of the old days. They are simpler and graphics didn’t matter so much and developers were forced to craft video games around ideas rather than looks. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty with a bit of retro gaming, we have the …

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